Executive Summary

CPB and PBS are partners in a Ready To Learn grant initiative entitled Content, Community, and Collaboration: Advancing Children’s Learning Through Personalized Media Experiences. Through this grant, CPB and PBS are creating a comprehensive media initiative to support the learning needs of children in low-income communities. The project team is developing innovative, personalized learning experiences driven by cutting-edge analytics and assessments, and establishing Community Collaboratives for Early Learning and Media, networks of strategic partnerships devoted to early learning, media, and community engagement.

The initiative emphasizes the power of adaptive learning experiences, the amplifying effects of community and family engagement, and the critical role of partnerships to help narrow the achievement gap for America’s most vulnerable children. The primary goal of the initiative is to improve science and literacy learning outcomes for young children, especially those from low-income families, in order to prepare them for success in school and in life. The expected outcomes include increasing children’s science and literacy skills and boosting the capacity of families, educators, and communities to support children’s learning with media. The initiative addresses both invitational priorities from the Department of Education by (1) producing science and literacy content that supports school readiness among underserved children aged 2-8; and (2) using embedded analytics and assessments to personalize the learning experience for users and provide meaningful data to parents, caregivers, and educators.