PD Courses

PBS TeacherLine (TL) offers two types of courses: Self-Paced Courses and Facilitated Courses.

A TL Self-Paced Course (SPC) is a short slideshow-like tutorial that a teacher can complete at his or her own pace, requiring only a 1.5 to 3 hour time commitment. The course combines research-based teaching tips and video demonstrations of best practices that spark new ideas and expand skill sets. A course completion certificate is rewarded at the end of the tutorial.

A TL Facilitated Course is an asynchronous design that combines research-based articles, case studies, and readings, peer discussions, collaborative projects, video demonstrations of model teaching, and other interactive experiences that promote deep thinking and practical learning. The facilitator is highly present during all aspects of the course. The facilitator interacts with learners in every session activity and discussion, bringing expertise to the dialogue and guidance on assignments and projects. During the course, learners are required to design and try-out new lessons and teaching skills with their students. This hands-on practical experience leads to rich peer-to-peer discussions and fosters professional growth and mastery of new teaching practices, routines and skills. The course takes six weeks to complete, requiring 30 to 45 hours of course work that is submitted for feedback and graded by the facilitator. Learners can earn graduate credit, professional accreditation, etc. for completion of a TL Facilitated Course.